What is Korean Zodiac?

The Korean zodiac is based off the lunar calendar, there are 12 animals used to record a 12 year cycle.

By asking someone his or her animal sign you can determine their age as well as make a judgement of certain personality characteristics if you are familiar with the system.

Why do I have an animal sign?

Each sign is said to be a representation of ones personality, how others see you, and how you present yourself to others.

How did the Animals get their place in the calendar list?

There are many legends and stories passed down over the years. One legend has it that:

God sent out an invitation to all animals and said: “On Lunar New Year’s Day come and bow before me, rewards will go to the first 12 animals that make it to heaven.” The reward was the animal would make it on a exclusive list of 12 representing each year lunar calendar.

This caused a slurry of animals to race to get to heaven, during the path many experienced hardships and and harsh conditions while trying to get to heaven. In the end only the 12 animals below made it:

  • The rat
  • The ox
  • The Tiger
  • The rabbit
  • The dragon
  • The snake
  • The horse
  • The sheep
  • The monkey
  • The rooster
  • The dog
  • The pig

The animals that made it first were on the top of the list and fell in order until they reached 12. All other animals after 12 where disqualified.

Why Korean people use the Zodiac?

Ancient Koreans used the zodiac to read new year fortunes by using the 12 earthly branches. The year of ones birth would be used to predict his or her future. Matchmakers would also use the zodiac earthly branches to see if couples were compatible with each other. Nowadays the Korean zodiac is used mostly for fun.